Episode 91

Brian Halquist - Battle at The Boat 124


October 28th, 2019

30 mins 11 secs

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Brian Halquist and boxer Andre Keys, join the guys to talk boxing in Tacoma and the upcoming Battle at the Boat happening on November 9th at Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma. Brian Halquist Productions is the Northwest premiere fight promotion company, promoting fights and concerts for over 35 years in the Pacific Northwest. Andre Keys, is a Main Event fighter at Battle at The Boat 124. He is a welterweight from Tacoma with an 11-1 record.

1:42 – Brian kicks off the show talking about how he got Battle at the Boat started in Tacoma, the preparation that goes behind the show, and explains what ‘Bacon Bowl’ was. He talks about being involved in promoting boxing for 35 years, Andrea talked about what got him involved in boxing, and Brain shares who Andrea will be fighting in the upcoming boxing match. Andre talks about his training regiment and Brian talks about the historic boxing fighters that have come from the Tacoma Boxing Club.

10:53 – Brian talks about the history of fighting in Tacoma, how he fell into it, and shares how people that want to get involved in boxing would go about doing so. Andre discusses sparing with other gyms in the community, the age kids typically start out in boxing, and how he blocks out the distractions and stays focused during training and in the ring.

22:18 – Andre shares the other types of sports he has been involved in, each of them discuss what their favorite aspect of boxing is, and then on the flip side, their least favorite aspect of the sport. Justin shares when the upcoming event is happening at the Emerald Queen Casino, Brian shares where people can find him online and what it is like to be a part of both MMA and boxing. As the show closes, Brian passes on what changed him from tell the fighters ‘Good Luck’ to ‘Just Do Good’.

Thank you all for sitting down to talk about local boxing and the upcoming event!

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