Episode 92

Jean-Pierre Garcia with Real Art Tacoma


November 4th, 2019

58 mins 1 sec

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About this Episode

Jean-Pierre Garcia joins the guys to talk about Real Art. Real Art Tacoma is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides an all ages event space and music venue. Completely volunteer ran, their aim is to create a space for young people to exist, to express themselves, to find and build community and to be empowered through art, music, and free exchange of ideas. Those wanting to find out more information on upcoming events or how to volunteer can find them online at: https://www.realarttacoma.com/.

01:32 – Justin welcomes JP, shares where people can find GCP online, and the different support tiers available to Patreon Listeners. They talk about their concerns of Mount Rainer, the fault that runs through Tacoma, and Justin gives a shout out to Brian at the Washington State Emergency Management Division. Justin shares how listeners can submit coaster questions, JP explains what Real Art does, and how long it’s been in the Tacoma area. Justin talks on the lack of all age venues in Tacoma, JP explains Real Art’s connection with other venues in the area, and Justin expresses the culture differences between Seattle/Bothell and Tacoma.

15:23 – JP shares the other things Real Art offers including clothing, the other locations Real Art management is considering in the Tacoma area, and their recent deal with a barber shop. He discusses other businesses they have had in the past, the best way for people to approach Real Art with their creative ideas, and how long he has been with them. JP shares the unique challenges to being in Tacoma, the most difficult parts of booking, and then talk turns to beer IBU’s.

32:04 – Justin discusses what lead him to discovering his dislike of pumpkin spice, kicks off coater questions, and JP speaks on the members of his master local band list. He recommends bands people should tune into, Justin talks on how he promotes local Tacoma businesses, and his love of karaoke. JP shares his strangest experience living in Tacoma, watching a video online of someone in Tacoma driving a quad down 38th street pulling a lawn mower, and Jeff expresses his hate of people putting free TV’s out in the neighborhood.

45:35 – Scott gives props to Andrew with Tacoma Ghost Tours, Gritty City Tours, and the other Tacoma tours that are going on. They comment on their love of The Church Cantina, JP talks on the new BBQ bar in Tacoma, and other places he loves in the area. Scott talks on his love of Rock the Dock, Justin shares that Tacoma is getting a Flat Stick, and how he would like the GCP group to at some point visit Parkland Putters. JP discusses where people can find Real Arts online, how they can help out, and the intern ship credit Real Arts offer to students.

Thanks JP for joining the guys for a great conversation and information on Real Art!

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