Episode 93

Plumbing Problems with Harts Services


November 11th, 2019

53 mins 34 secs

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On this episode, Tim, Richard and Dan from Harts Services join the podcast. Harts Services is a Tacoma Plumbing company that formed in 2013. The companies aim is to provide professional, top quality, value-added solutions that customers can rely on at competitive rates. They maintain a highly trained and motivated staff to deliver these things with courtesy and precision. Hart Services provides support to areas up to 30 miles from Tacoma, to learn more and find out if they provide service to your location, visit their website at: hartsservices.com.

02:04 – Brogan kicks off this episode sharing his plans to open GCBC, Justin introduces Tim, Richard and Dan from Hart Services, and shares his recent issue that required plumbing service at his house. He talks about the importance for people to understand the soil they are living on, the Hart teams gives props to the inspectors of Tacoma, and Justin gives props to Tacoma water in comparison to other places around the country.

16:14 – Brogan shares Edgewood winning an award for the best water in the country a few years ago, they discuss the Hart Plumbing business model, and the companies respect for their employees hours doing things like not requiring them to be on call, or work evenings, or the weekend. The team shares their belief in providing top of the line customer support, their knowledge on different types of water heaters, and how the laws are going to change and require people to install tank less hot water heaters in the future.

31:38 – Each of the guests explain what got them into plumbing, starting the business, and how they grew to now having 45 employees. They share the amount of hours the state requires before someone can be a plumber, how they try to keep a tight niche with only providing services to 30 miles away from their office, and the worst un-professional “self-fixes” they have seen over the years.

42:30 – The guests discuss the different pictures and videos their team share throughout the day, how the issues occur, and the preventative steps people can take to avoid smaller issues from becoming bigger problems. They share how people with basements need to make sure they have a backwater check valve, how people can go about finding if they have one and checking it, and how the sub pump works. The guys explain how the company helps out with Habitat for Humanity, they encourage listeners that are looking to volunteer to check out Habitat for Humanity, and their participation in Adopt a Highway.

Thanks to Tim, Richard and Dan for an informative and fun conversation!

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