Episode 95

Brian Terbush from WSEMD


November 25th, 2019

46 mins 52 secs

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This week Brian Terbush from Washington State Emergency Management Division joins the guys to talk about what WSEMD is and how Washington residents can prepare themselves for an emergency. WSEMD’s vision is for a disaster ready and resilient Washington State. Their mission is to lead and coordinate mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery in Washington State to minimize the impact of disasters and emergencies on the people, property, environment and economy. To find out more on their preparedness training classes and videos, visit them online at: https://mil.wa.gov/emergency-management-division

1:26 – Justin gives a shout out to the Union Club, gives Happy Birthday props to Jeff, and welcomes Brian to the show. Brian shares what WSEMD does, talks on the divisions YouTube preparedness videos, and volcanoes in the PNW area. Scott talks on his concern around the area’s volcanoes, Brian explains what a Lahar is, and how there can be a Lahar without a volcano eruption. He talks on the frequency of the volcanoes, what “preparedness” means, and how they monitor the volcanos and can predict one going off.

11:28 – Brian shares that people can sign up to for volcano notification service, how two weeks of water/food is recommended to store in an emergency kit, and reminds everyone to also keep comfort items in their kit. He mentions the importance to also store septic and hygiene items, Justin asks on if it is important to rotate stored water out, and Brian shares where people can find more information on creating emergency kits on the WSEMD website.

20:53 – Brian talks on the importance of people getting involved in the community to get prepared for a disaster, Justin shares the local groups he’s involved in, then jumps into coaster questions. Brian shares what Hollywood volcano is the most realistic to him, what people should do if they were to see the volcano going off while they are driving, and brings up the Tacoma Fault. Justin shares experiencing the 2001 Nisqually earthquake, Brian answers the question on what is the most lava proof material, and what the most underrated items people should have in a prepper kit.

34:50 – Brian shares what a Portable Potty Poncho is, the importance for people to prepare for their pets in an emergency, including their veterinary records, and the preparedness events that are happening in the area. Justin mentions how emergency preparedness varies on location, Jeff asks on what area is most at risk, Mount Rainier, or California’s fault line, and Brian talks on the length of time residents in Puyallup have to evacuate if the volcano did erupt.

Thank you Brian for stopping by to inform the PNW community on how to be prepared!

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