Episode 98

What's Going On at Old City Hall with Guion Rosenzweig


December 16th, 2019

38 mins 22 secs

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Guion Rosenzweig sits down with the guys for an update on what SURGE Tacoma and what is happening with Old City Hall. SURGE Coworking “helps individuals and small businesses to reach their full potential by providing office space and an inspiring community of like-minded business people.” They have three locations in Tacoma: Union Club at 539 Broadway, SURGE Tacoma at 2367 Tacoma Ave S, and SURGE South Tacoma at 5401 S. Tacoma Way, and their newest building Old City Hall which they plan to have open in 2021. Guion also joined the podcast on episode 26 for those wanting more information on SURGE.

01:21 - Justin encourages listeners to share their love of the podcast on social media, how fans can get ahold of a GCP t-shirt, and what lead GCP to connect with SURGE Tacoma. Guion tells listeners what SURGE offers at the Union Club location, their two full kitchens that those renting space can use, and what has been happening since they were on the podcast the last time the chatted. Guion talks on the expansion of SURGE Tacoma with the Old City Hall, explains what their plans are with their redevelopment, and in addition to co-working space, how there will also be retail, office, and residential space.

8:15 – Guion shares how they will be incorporating the jail cells into the renovation of the building, when SURGE put the bid in for the building, and the history of the buildings usage. She explains that the apartments going in the building will be micro apartments, they cover the new route of the Light Rail extension in Tacoma, and the benefits of having that in the area as Tacoma continues to grow. Guion talks on their plans to be bringing the clock tower to life, how they are planning to keep the name of the building, and her role as the liaison to the city.

19:09 – Guion talks on bringing the building up to code, the safes that are built into the building, and the ideas of what they plan to do with them. She talks about the similarity between Union Club and Old City Hall, when they are planning to do the ground breaking, and the public benefits they will be offering to the community.

28:02 – Guion talks about the things they are sharing on Instagram to help bring Old City Hall back into the residents minds, their want to continually be transparent with the community, and how their goal is to stay invested in the community long after the building is complete. Justin talks about the importance of keeping old buildings alive in Tacoma, Guion shares what people in the 1800’s were trying to evoke with the look of the building, and how people can find more information on Old City Hall.

Thanks Guion for a great conversation on what is going on with the Old City Hall!

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