Episode 106

Writing Research with Joseph Malik


February 11th, 2020

1 hr 13 mins 30 secs

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About this Episode

GCP’s good friend Joe Malik returns to talk on doing writing research. He previously joined the guys on episodes 2, 38, 96, and 97. He is the author of two books, Dragon’s Trail and New Magic and is currently working on the final installment of the Outworlders series. His first book, Dragon's Trail, was released in September of 2016, and is a #1 international bestseller. The second installment in the Outworlders series, New Magic, was released in September of 2018. He also has a blog where he shares his adventures in writing, research, and attending various conventions.

00:04 – Joe shares that his dog is the undisputed dog park champion for the past few years, they talk about the last time he joined the show, and Justin gives a shout out to GCP’s latest Patreon supporter. Scott comments on the recording of the Gremlin podcast, Joe talks about his newest blog post, and shares information on the places he travels to for writing research. He dives into his recent trip to the Colorado Desert, the receding lake in the area, and how it was at one point in time an American Indian medicine ground.

18:18 – Joe talks on the mud volcanoes they discovered in Colorado, how visiting these type of places integrates with his writing, and they talk on ideas of places for him to travel to next. They talk about the recent WSDOT Sasquatch Twitter posts, Joe tells stories of the Indian Blackfoot Tribe’s belief in “Little People”, and Justin talks on the weird haunting experiences they have had while recording at the Union Club. Scott and Justin share some history on the traumatic experiences in the building, Justin talks on his love of ghosts, and GCP’s tour of the Pythian Temple.

38:16 – Joe recommends the book Wandering Monsters by his friend Elliott Kay, his upcoming visit to Radcon in Pasco, and the great room parties at the event. He talks on his schedule during the event, the classes he will be teaching, and the plan to speak at one of the high schools while in Pasco. He talks about the fun of talking to up and coming writers, his success as an independent publisher, and the big moment for him during his book releases.

58:01 – Scott talks on how the advancements of CGI has made science fiction fantasy movies more possible, they talk on reboots of past series, and what the future of sci-fi shows and movies will be like. Joe talks on what lead to the Indie Rock surge in the 90’s, they talk on the great ability for everyone to have a chance to produce the music and movies, and Scott mentions the hard work aspect that is behind successful artists.

Thanks Joe for joining the guys for another great conversation. Looking forward to the next sit down!

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