Episode 145

New Years Eve 2020 Hootenanny


January 4th, 2021

2 hrs 12 mins 38 secs

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This time the crew gets together to say good-bye to 2020 and welcome 2021. A couple of GCP’s friends and past guests join them to celebrate as well!

00:16 – The show kicks off with Justin doing the east coast 2021 count down, Brogan talks about the drinking excursion he had already embarked on that morning, and Justin reflects on the year for GCP and the guests they have had on. He talks about goods things that have happened during this chaotic year, they talk about 2020’s most popular podcast, and each one shares what their New Year’s Resolutions are.

29:39 – Justin shares what he got from his wife for Christmas, they continue the conversation about their New Year’s Resolutions, and talk about what a benefit it has been to interact with listeners this year. Friend Derek talks about what’s been up with Rolling Misadventures, shares what’s coming in 2021 for the show, and his resolutions for 2021. Justin gives and RIP to places that have closed in the PNW, they talk about new places that have opened, and Justin explains what a Ring Group is.

68:19 – Rusty shares his New Year’s Resolutions, Justin talks about his trip last year to Colorado, and what he loves about Denver. He explains what the Denver restaurant, Casa Bonita, has to offer, Brogan shares how long it takes his hot dog roller to heat up dogs, and Justin talks about the new restaurant in Tacoma, Manic Meatballs. They talk about the new Wonder Woman movie, Brogan shares that there are still some Founders Mugs up for grabs, and announces GCP’s unofficial new sponsor.

97:19 – Justin talks about writing off Postmates, Rusty talks about his recent bad experiences with delivery providers, and Jeff explains what the cause of his recent hike in Comcast bill was. They express their love for Buck Chuck, talk about how many times Rusty has joined the podcast, and discuss the drugs they give their pets. They reflect on 90’s movies, Rusty offers to build Justin a panic room, and they close 2020 out giving shout outs to the favorite local businesses and people.

Special thanks to all of the GCP patriots and listeners for your support!! Happy New Year to you!!!

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