Episode 191

Friday Night Grit


October 25th, 2021

1 hr 13 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

This time, guys get together to talk about the happs at Cosmic Bottles, Brogan and Justins upcoming trip, local news, and much more!

01:58 – Brogan joins the podcast, reflects on him and Scott's first podcast brainstorming at the Wingman Brewery, and how Wingman was a part of Tacoma history. He talks about the great memories he and Justin have from down on Puyallup Ave, they reflect on the GCP video recorded back in the day, and Justin shares that they may have another podcast with StreetBeefs Scrapyard. Brogan and Justin talk about their upcoming trip to Leavenworth, plans for what they're going to do there, and the attire they're going to wear.

18:56 – Justin gives a shoutout to Suzanne Akerman for her new book The Deliverers, Brogan proposes they start an Opera style book club, and how the guys have broken him. They together add a book review, Brogan talks about the weird things happening at his bar, and the Hotdogger he just bought for the business. He talks about how he ended up finding it, Scott talks about recently hanging out with Al, and their breakfast at The Valley.

36:48 – Scott talks about what he enjoyed for breakfast at The Valley, being hungover from the night before, and they jump into Jeffscapades. Jeffs talks about his recent trip to Centralia for his birthday, the arcade bar they went to while there, and the food he enjoyed. He talks about his love of club sandwiches, friend of the podcast, Brandon, joins the conversation, and talks about the weird things that have been going on in Tacoma. They talk about the lady with the trash fort in Tacoma, where she's been in the area, and Justin talks about the crazy Friday traffic.

55:14 – Justin talks about the recent bomb cyclone, the storm train that's hitting the area, Brogan talks about the drumsticks he's found in the work fridge, and Justin and Brogan talk about taking office food when working as security guards. Justin and Brogan review Doon, Jeff talks about Alec Baldwin's fatal shooting on the set of his new movie, and Justin talks about Northwest Theory's Top 10 Spooky Washington Legends. Brogan talks about going to The Thornwood Castle, and Justin closes out the show, sharing how people interested in joining the conversation can get a hold of them.

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