Episode 235

GCP: Saturday Night Grit - Porchfest and Handwiches


August 8th, 2022

1 hr 18 mins 56 secs

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About this Episode

Jeff, Justin, and Scott get together and chat about Traegers, the ban of The Handwich, speed limits dropping in Tacoma, VR, and the Unleashed stadium run.

00:11 – Scott and Justin discuss getting sick when playing VR, Justin talks about the Disneys sandwich of the future, and looking into a waffle cone maker. They talk about what fillings they would have gone through, Justin shares not vibing with Arbys, and Jeff talks about Disney Chef School. He talks about the only place he wouldn’t eat on the cruise, Scott talks about exploring Porchfest, and his hope for next year with the event.

19:41 – Scott shares the bands at the event, visiting The Triple Knock, and Justin talks about other events in the community. Scott talks about Station U-Brew in Puyallup, Justin talks about the Tacoma Couch Guy selling his couch, and how no good stories came from something boring. Jeff talks about the rising bar on the ship, they discuss old man priorities, and Scott talks about Streetbeefs second anniversary.

39:30 – They discuss if they would go to The Sausage Castle, Alka Selzer Hangover Relief, and Justin talks about speed limits dropping in Tacoma. They talk about why that may be happening, Scott discusses the clerk in Vegas defending himself with a knife, and Justin talks about another article where an 80-year-old worker shot a store thief.

58:17 – Justin talks about the people he knows that have a VR, Jeff talks about VR-friendly online games, and Justin talks about what their friends at Chasing Ghosts on Scooters are up to. He talks about Camp Bar celebrating five years, they reflect on their past Boot To Boot, and Justin talks about what they have coming up in October.

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