Episode 273

GCP: Friday Night Hangout!


April 26th, 2023

1 hr 9 mins 23 secs

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About this Episode

Jeff, Derek, and Scott hold down the fort for this GCP episode. They chat about shows they’ve been watching lately, current and future AI, their go-to music playlists, and the official date for Putt Stuff.

00:00 – Jeff explains the importance of the feng shui of his office furniture, Derek talks about his gaming setup, and they discuss how they develop show ideas. Jeff brings up SNL’s Delicious Dish, talks about what he’s been binging on, and he and Scott reflect on Sponge Bob Square Pants. They talk about the new show Rob Lowe is in, Unstable, how he is a triple threat, and Scott explains what the TV Series, Outlast, is about. He talks about how quickly it got dark, Jeff shares how the debt collectors work in Britain, and Derek talks about cars now coming with subscription options.

17:19 – Derek ponders on if we’re ready for the advancements of technology, they talk about social media they used back in the day, and Scott talks about how Facebook is like a phone book. He talks about how an AI fooled a human into checking a Captcha “I am not a robot” checkbox, Derek speaks to the importance of the ethics behind how we use new technology, and Jeff talks about how the internet has shifted from the wild west to having high government restrictions.

34:11 – Jeff shares his favorite version of the song Sad but True, Derek talks about what’s generally on his playlist, and Scott talks about his love of various music styles. They talk about their drinks, Scott talks about enjoying post-graveyard beers with breakfast, and Jeff explains how vodka is a sterilizer that can help clear bad breath in the morning. Jeff talks about the different drinking customs around the world, Derek talks about how certain chemicals we use are banned worldwide, and Scott shares his favorite junk food.

49:09 – Scott shares the story of kitchen robots, talks about kitchen composters, and they talk about where AI needs to go next. The conversation turns to Boston Dynamics robot dogs, anticipating what the next VR will be, and Jeff talks about his love of the advanced technology in his car. Scott talks about his recent experience riding in a Tesla, they discuss Uber eventually going to autonomous vehicles, and close out revealing the day of this summer’s Putt Stuff event.

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