Episode 289

GCP: Isaac Pennoyer - SENCo


August 16th, 2023

1 hr 13 mins 50 secs

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In this episode, the crew talks to Isaac Pennoyer, council member number eight, from SENCo. SENCo, (South End Neighborhood Council) is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to advocating for the South End by connecting the community to City services & each other. People are invited to join SENCo meetings happening Mondays at 7 PM.

00:04 – Justin and Jeff kick off the episode by giving thanks to Scott for the amazing energy he brings to the team, Isaac gives his opinion on if he considers a high five a compliment, and Isaac shares what SENCo covers in addition to what they are about. He talks about the grants the company receives allowing them to uplift from the ground level, being at the forefront of neighborhood councils, and how people can get involved.

18:02 – Isaac talks about getting involved in SENCo, the amazing work Next Chapter does for the Tacoma community, and shares where people's voice matters most in terms of local government. Justin gives a shout-out to the Union Club, the paranormal activity there, and Isaac explains where Tacoma’s mega-warehouse is going to be.

36:24 – Isaac talks about the impact on traffic the warehouse will have on the area, , extra insane drivers in Tacoma, and what people can do if they want to voice against the warehouse. He talks about the rally and community cleanup happening on August 20th, the Tacoma Climate Leadership Cohort, and the resources in the area for people to take advantage of.

55:16 – Scott talks about real-estate cycles, how the interest rate will drive down the cost of houses, and Isaac talks about the systemic problems of homelessness. Jeff talks about the growth of Kazakhstan, Isaac talks about what he wants most for Tacoma, and Justin shares the reason why he voted for the Civil Service Member in this year's election.

Thank you, Isaac, for sharing your story and the amazing work you do in the community!

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