Episode 294

GCP: Sunday Sermon - Fair Food & Sushi


September 20th, 2023

1 hr 12 mins 33 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode, the guys chat about Grit City Grub, Washington Fair, Vegas, the sad news of ALMA’s final show at the end of October, and the upcoming Grit City Comic Show.

00:18 – Scott and Jeff explain what the drink Lean is made of, Justin gives a shout-out to the listeners who are tuning in live, and chats about window shopping food at the Washington State Fair. Scott expresses that the best place to eat a turkey leg is while enjoying the Tournament of the Kings show in Vegas, Jeff talks about his bachelor party in Vegas, and they plan for what to ask Suzanne about on her next GCP visit.

19:07 – Justin shares his perspective on the ticket currency for games at the fair, hopes that someone found the ticket card he lost, and talks about his experience with the Tacoma Astronomical Society while there. He talks about enjoying the No Big Dill pizza from Fat Zachs after the fair, Scott gives recommendations for people ordering there, and Justin talks about the importance of battering ding-dongs before deep frying them.

39:18 – Justin talks about inspiring Derek to try sushi at a new place in the area, they go through the number one and two sushi places around Tacoma, and Justin talks about the cat robots at the restaurant Sumo. Scott talks about working with security robots, making working with them fun, and the battle that is on when you enter all-you-can-eat places.

51:58 – Jeff talks about how he introduces people to sushi, Scott throws out a sushi challenge to the group, and Justin discovers that 7-11 carries sushi. He gives a shout-out to his mother-in-law, her appreciation for the return of The Weekly Volcano Newspaper, and Scott reflects on guests GCP has had over the years.

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