Episode 54

The Studio - Amani Taylor


February 11th, 2019

52 mins 56 secs

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About this Episode

This episode is the first of a two part chat the guys have when they hang out with their friend and comedian Amani Taylor. Amani hosts weekly comedy shows at The Local 907, Trencher’s, and The Hanger 205. People can find him on Facebook and at his website AmaniTaylor.com.

1:33 – They discuss snowpocalypse, Scott shares information on their download numbers, they talk of being put on one of the local Tacoma radio stations, and give props to Castle Security and Protection. Justin explains their new design done by Shroom Brothers, Amani tells the guys about his adventures as a security guard, and Justin shares stores when he and Brogan were security officers. They chat about a recent video online where a man hit young girl after she tried attacking him, Justin talks about local costume visual-ante, Phoenix Jones, and Scott discusses first amendment audit videos.

17:36 – Jeff continues the conversation around audit videos, Justin discusses road rage, and talk goes to crazy videos taken with car dash cams. They talk about school bus stop rules, states that allow motorcycles to be drive between lanes, and chat goes back to snowpocalypse here and in Colorado. Amani talks about not being able to get up hills in Seattle after the storm, and Justin recommends listeners that have some time to kill to search YouTube for Queen Anne Seattle videos.

35:05 – Amani talks about his comedy career, the three weekly shows he hosts, and the crazy things that happen during the shows. He discusses people obstructing the comedy show, cut throat comedian’s, and the fun of hosting open mics. Amani talks about the different types of advice comedian’s in the industry give, they give props out to their other comedian friend, Rusty, and they give props to his restaurant The Church Cantina.

45:20 – Scott mentions the News Tribune no longer being printing in Tacoma, Justin talks about delivering for them when he was younger, and gives a shout out to the podcast Citizen Tacoma. They talk about the challenges newspapers have with going to print in addition to digital, Scott talks about how newspapers are in a way a writing of historical documents, and his recent visit to the Karpeles Manuscript Museum. Amani tells of his love of movies, the movie Dog Soldiers, and Scott talks about in some instances when watching certain movies/shows the need to suspend disbelief to fully enjoy them.

Next week they finish this great conversation, thanks Amani for joining the guys again!

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