Episode 6

Weird Elephant


March 12th, 2018

58 mins 12 secs

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This episode the guys sit down with Wade, the creator and programmer of Weird Elephant at The Grand Cinema in Tacoma. Weird Elephant shows weekly screenings of cult classics and new movies that are “bizarre, spine-chilling, fantastic, avant garde, retro, or just plain mind-blowing.” Doors open at 11 pm and in addition to service snacks and soda they also serve beer and wine. The offer a fun atmosphere with costume contests, karaoke, and much much more!! Those interested in attending can find updated information on their shows on their Facebook Page.

This episode kicks off with Brogan’s quick chat about his choice to wear skinny jeans. They then dive into talking with Wade, creator of Weird Elephant at the Grand Cinema. He tells the guys about where the idea of Weird Elephant came from and his choice to show a movie weekly for Tacoma people to enjoy. He covers the movies they’ve played, how they choose the movies, and their upcoming shows.

14:00 – Wade talks about partnering with local businesses to offer customers a more in-depth Experience for the show. He then goes into what drew him into movies as a child and him taking his love for comics, sci-fi, and horror films to work at Stadium Video. He then dives into the first sci-fi and horror movies he watched.

Around the halfway mark, Kathly, Wades wife explains what she does for the cinema, how they encourage people to dress up to go to the show much like may Rocky Horror Picture Show attendees. Justin tells about a place that recently did a screening of Lady and The Tramp where people were allowed to bring their dogs and they had plates of spaghetti setup. They then turn to their plan to do a showing of The Big Lebowski at the end of March where they plan to offer WII bowling and encouraging people to cosplay.

42:20 – Kathlyn talk about movies she loved and shared with Wade and Wade discusses moved he’s shared with Kathlyn. Justin talks about the importance of people to go to the cinema for the full magical experience of watching movies in the cinema vs watching them at home.

This show comes to a close with discussion of other movies Wade is planning to feature in the upcoming months and where people can find them online. Wade also shares other plans The Grand Cinema will be doing in the upcoming months.

Thanks you both for joining the guys for an insightful conversation on Weird Elephant!

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