Episode 184

Buffalo Preacher


September 13th, 2021

1 hr 19 mins 27 secs

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Drew, member of the band Buffalo Preacher sits down with Jeff, Scott, and Justin to talk music, vinyl records, Covid, and music they love. The band is a continuing project that was inspired by living proof that raw talent, ambition and honesty can still prevail. Their latest album, On Sacred Ground, is available on Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Pandora. Keep updated on the band by following them on Facebook!

01:42 – Robo Brogan joins the show, Drew shares how long he’s been in Tacoma, and what his first impressions were of the community when he arrived. He talks about how the band got started, Justin talks about getting back into vinyl, and Scott talks about the first tape and CD bought. Justin talks about the first CD he bought, the business the Outlet Mall in Auburn used to be, and Drew shares what his first CD was. He talks about the beauty behind a vinyl albums, Justin talks about his favorite album, and Jeff reflects on his first CD.

19:20 – Justin reflects on the CD’s he ordered through Columbia House back in the day, Jeff gives his review of the record, and Drew talks about the guitars he uses. He talks about trying to use the least amount of digital on the record, Scott talks about booking guests, and Drew talks about the importance of having someone that can help out with promoting the band. Justin talks about GCP having to pivot during Covid, shares his love of Clownvis, and Jeff expresses his admiration for Clownvis’s shift during Covid.

39:12 – Drew expresses his love for movies that are cheesy-bad, his love of Nicholas Cage, and Justin gives a shout out to Puget Sound Pizza. He talks about their amazing pizza of the month, he expresses his love for Ruben sandwiches, and Drew shares what he loves about Tacoma. Justin talks about the bands he’s seen at The Valley, Drew talks about how he’s grown to love country music musicians, and at what point Country Music Pop evolved.

56:58 – Justin kicks off “Inside The Union Club”, Drew shares what his favorite word is, and then what his least favorite word is. Justin talks about when they had Mark Sargent on, Drew talks about the sounds he loves, and what profession, other than his current one, that he’d like to attempt. They talk about how the quickly the earth started healing after the lockdown at the beginning of Covid, how bad it would suck to work at a gas station at night, and Drew shares what he would like to hear God say when he arrived at the pearly gates, if Heaven exists. Jeff closes out the show with his thoughts on what you can do now for a better chance to get into Heaven before you pass.

Thanks Drew for hanging out with the guys for an awesome conversation!

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