Episode 298

GCP: Bright Eyes Photography - Jody Ellen Akerman


October 18th, 2023

1 hr 56 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode, Jody Ellen Akerman, owner of Bright Eye’s Photography sits down with the crew. Bright Eye’s Photography is located in Puyallup at 116 S Meridian #A. Their mission is to take absolutely captivating portraits of their customers that even they didn't know could be possible! Find them online and make your appointment today for a photo shoot consultation!

00:10 – Randy Newman welcomes listeners to this episode, Justin introduces Jody, and talks about the circles they’ve run together in the past. He talks about the newest toy he bought for the cats, the learning curve behind it, and Jody talks about what drew her into photography. She talks about the need to fulfill her creativity side, what got her started in photography, and where her business is located.

15:05 – Justin reflects on his visit to Big Whiskey in Puyallup, Jody talks about the vulnerability behind boudoir photography, and her lifetime love of capturing photos. Justin talks about the dopamine rushes he gets with his creativity at work, Jody explains what customers can expect from start to finish of a photoshoot, and how long the process overall takes.

30:02 – Justin talks about working with Jody to buy their house, his steampunk bar, and Jody talks about finding an amazing steampunk picture for it. She talks about performing at the Spanish Ballroom in McMenamins, Scott shares his interesting experience while ghost hunting at Brandy’s Attic, and explains that The Union Club building was built crooked.

44:30 – Each shares if they are on Team Jacob or Team Edward, Jody talks about the different types of shoots she does, and the administrative side of the business. Justin talks about how having a team goes a long way, Jody recommends people find a good CPA, and the type of loan she took out for her business.

Thanks, Jody for an awesome conversation and for sharing your love of art and music!

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